The Economist understands SKU Marketing –

The Economist understands SKU Marketing

Well, they didn’t use our words (SKU Marketing) but they do talk the talk. The Economist’s Schumpeter column talks about how smart manufacturers (brands) are learning to change the conversation with their customers. Linkz has been leading and innovating in this space for some time. We walk the talk.

The Economist (and Linkz) key observation is that brands (manufacturers) need to regain control of  their customers. Most goods are sold by retailers and other distributors (ever hear of Amazon?) and up until now, it is these distributors that know and communicate with the consumer – not the brand. Linkz changes this paradigm – easily, cheaply and quickly. The article talks about “sensors and microchips ” on products. Whilst sensors and microchips have their place, especially on high end products, Linkz has an easier, cheaper and faster solution – we “activate” the product’s EAN/UPC barcode.

Below is an example of how a supplement manufacturer has activated his barcode so his customer can get timely information and support for their exercise regime. The activation of the barcode took minutes – even after the product is on the shelf or in the consumer’s home. And it did not cost a lot. Click here to see Activ8’s content and then think about how you could communicate better with your customers.

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