SmartLinkz makes it more convenient for consumers to get the right content straight away – either via a one-click install of the Linkz app or via the user’s browser. The new technology makes it easier for marketers to fully integrate mobile technology with social media and digital marketing campaigns to offer a more seamless brand experience.

Currently consumers are required to download the Linkz app from Google Play or iTunes before being able to see the content they’re after. The new functionality means that when consumers receive a SmartLinkz via a tweet, Facebook link, SMS or email they can go straight to the relevant content, only having to click “yes” once to automatically download the Linkz app. This takes away the common hassle when the desired content is not loaded with the app install. By making the process more convenient for the consumer, this increases the likelihood of participation in a special offer and social sharing.

Using the Linkz platform, marketers can simply and quickly set up mobile sites. These are ideal for products requiring frequently changing content such as short-term marketing and advertising promotions. Additional content, voucher downloads, video links and social media access can be added in minutes. A direct link to the finished content can be sent via any digital marketing or social media channel and the SmartLinkz technology automatically installs the app on the user’s phone following a one-click acceptance. Linkz technology provides brands with powerful tracking and attribution data such as clicks, links, installs and page views.

Tim Smith, CEO of Linkz said:
“Smart phones have taken over as the main communication device, but brands no longer can rely on banner ads as consumers increasingly embrace ad-blocking software. Linkz helps brands connect with consumers wherever they are, makes it easy to like, share and participate in promotions and helps the consumer conversion journey.”