SKU Marketing Update

What is SKU Marketing
SKU Marketing is the growing trend to talk to and engage with consumers by product (via its SKU/barcode) or by product range.
Individual products talking to individual consumers at home or where and when they want to engage, in shops, on the go or at home.





How Does it work.
With certain apps (scan the barcodes to the left with Linkz Code Scanner) consumers can scan products to get real time, up to date, relevant multi-media experience. Brand owners use triggers on the packaging or label using a variety of options including the UPC/EAN codes already on the product, QR’s codes (they’re making a comeback!) or invisible watermarks.


SKU Marketing in Summary
SKU Marketing can be as ephemeral as Snapchat or as persistent as your product itself. It’s about today’s message. It’s about the moment. An individual message to an interested individual consumer. Now, with the product, and your brand, in their hands.

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