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  • For Company and Enterprise Plans, we do one on one webinar training. Additionally, we have videos to get you going available to all plans.

  • A single campaign consists of a LinkzID, a barcode, QR or encoded image that points to a Payoff – usually a Linkz microsite. Campaigns can be turned on and off as you like but initial campaign is for 3 months. Campaigns can be changed whenever you like – that is the LinkzID can be changed (one-off fee may be assessed) and payoff can be edited at any time. 

    The difference between the plans is “concurrent” campaigns. If you want to run more than 3 or so campaigns at the same time, then it makes sense to upgrade to Company or Enterprise.

    Note you can have multiple triggers pointing to a single payoff – for instance a family of product SKUs all pointing to a single microsite would still be a single campaign.

  • For each active Campaign pair – there is a monthly fee. We use the 25th of each month to determine if the fee should be charged..

  • For Company and Enterprise Plans, there is monthly fee regardless of the amount of campaigns you are running. This fee covers support and back-end maintenance of your pairs.

  • One time fees cover getting you set up in our system as well training and consulting for the larger plans.

  • This one time fee is assessed when you add or create a code in linkz. A campaign can have multiple codes attached – each code would be charged only once.

  • Encoding images with Linkz is great for certain uses – especially if branded images are important. Contact us to find out more about this unique service.

  • A Linkz SmartLinkz let’s you start communicating with your consumers straight from any digital media. Using the magic of Deeplinking, a single URL will help your customers get straight to your content by guiding them through the Linkz  app install and then continue through to your content – or going straight to the microsite via a browser if they choose. SmartLinkz makes it easy to start a campaign on social media and then drive it forward with consumers scanning actual products to get the rest of your story.