Linkz helps brands communicate and engage with the people who buy their products and services. Linkz is a full-service active print encoding, mobile microsite creation and analytics platform.

Linkz connects Print to the internet using invisible watermarks (Linkz IDs.) We embed the watermarks in images or in the background of a printed piece. The reader scans the printed piece with our free Linkz app (we support both Apple and Android.) The Linkz app then connects to a dedicated smartphone micro-site.

Making the micros-site is a snap. If you can write an email – you can make a microsite with our micro-site builder. The microsite builder is pop-up and menu driven. This makes it super easy to create rich, compelling content formatted for smartphones.

Analytics show when, where and what was scanned.

Print has always had an emotional and physical impact that motivates readers – Linkz  deepens that experience by quickly and easily connecting to the Internet – web pages, video, audio, PDFs, ecommerce sites – Linkz will connect your printed piece to almost anything on the Web.

  • Activate print by linking it to the Internet.
  • Increase customer conversions by enabling users to respond easily, intuitively and at the optimum moment
  • Gain insight by capturing and analysing unique user personal data

Imagine seeing a print advert, catalogue or poster featuring a product you like: scan it with the Linkz app and immediately go to a mobile website, with options: buy, get more information, see a video, find the nearest store, download a discount voucher – in short, giving the user the information and incentive to act now.

For the publisher, they can get Analytics on the Linkz ID. Understand which print advertisement converted to a sale or further action. Where did they read your printed piece, when did they read it.

Campaign Manager

At the heart of Linkz is the Campaign Manager. You control all elements of your account – creating campaigns, adding and assigning teams, and reviewing analytics. 

Analytics Map

Linkz Microsite Builder

A key element of Linkz’s value is to help the brand owner/publisher make the end-user experience terrific. And the best way to start is to send the end-user to a microsite with great content.

Our microsite is designed for mobile phones and tablets – Apple and Android – making it easy for your viewers to get your message appropriate to their viewing device. Linkz makes it easy to create your microsite – no programming, no html  – just a guided process that anyone can use.

Check out some microsites built with the Builder here.

Microsite_Sample 01
Microsite generator_01_Detail_01

Linkz App

The free code reader app Linkz is a great way to interact with the world around you. The app has no advertisements, is fast and really intuitive – with history and deeplinks built in. It can read barcodes (UPC or EANs) QR codes and encoded images – quickly and accurately. Get it here