• What are your Products saying?

    Give ’em a voice with Linkz – the ultimate Inbound Marketing tool

  • If your products could talk,
    what would they say?

    Give ’em a voice with Linkz – the ultimate Inbound Marketing tool

  • Post-Purchase Customer Engagement

    (Who comes up with these terms?)

    How do you stay connected to your customer
    after they’ve bought your product?


Semper sells their healthy, nutritious infant foods and formula all over the world. But parents outside of Sweden don’t know how to prepare traditional Swedish Välling and other traditional healthy Swedish infant foods.

Commercial Cleaning Products

A premium cleaning products company wanted to help their end-users become more productive and use the products more efficiently. Additionally – many end-users had limited English skills – so multi-language support was required.

GMA (Grocery Manufacturers Association) and Herseys' gets it

“Consumer packaged goods giants have been seeing the light on the desire by American consumers for more transparency in the foods and beverages they buy…” Linkz offers smaller brands a great alternative.

Craft Beer Marketing

Small microbrewery is building a local following through Social Media campaigns and independent distribution channels.

Food Supplements

Food supplements are commodity products in a very competitive market. This brand recently launched and has to build market awareness with a very engaged, loyalty driven and focused consumer base.

What is SKU Marketing?

SKU Marketing is the growing trend for brands to talk to and engage with consumers by product using its particular SKU or barcode. Individual products talking to individual consumers at home or where and when they want to engage. SKU Marketing is a great for brands to talk to, and learn from, the folks who buy their products.

Concierge on a Card

A chain of boutique hotels who wants their guests to have a great time outside the hotel as well as inside the hotel.

Craft Beer Loyalty

Newly launched craft beer Big Hug is looking to capitalise on an energetic and supporting customer base and offer customers incentives to try alternative lines in the range.

The Economist agees

“Manufacturers are realising that the best way to sell their products is to forge personal relations with customers rather than to spend large sums on broad-brush marketing.”


The Royal Navy – ‘On The Front Line’ official calendar is published each year by the MOD in support of its monthly ‘Navy News’ to engage active and retired personnel, as well as drive recruitment.

Books and Magazines

Renowned Swedish classical guitar instructor Mattias von Wachenfeldt publishes his arrangements in beautiful books and sells them all over the world.