Is Linkz right for you?

If you answer YES to the following 2 questions – then Linkz may be for you.

1) Do have information your customers or prospective customers want and need about your service, product, event etc? This is a key concept for Linkz – folks who view your material must want more from you than your display or printed material can provide.

2) Do you print (ink on paper) material to inform or advertise to your customers or prospective customers? (LCD panels are OK, too)

If you can answer YES to both of above questions – then Linkz may be for you and we invite you to investigate further.

If you answer NO to either questions – then perhaps Linkz may not be for you. Getting your customers to actively engage with you means that you must have something compelling they want and then make it easy and convenient for them to get it – information, videos, whatever – you know your customers and you should understand what they want.


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