How do I add music?

Actually, this was really very easy.

  1. Put your .mp3 in your “Public” Dropbox folder
  2. Get the “Public” link – on PC, right click on the file and select the “Copy Public Link” menu item
  3. Paste that link into a button or panel of the Microsite.
    • The link should look something like this:
  4. Format the Dropbox link so it will play in a browser.
    • <b>3. Mauro Giuliani – The Butterfly  </b><br><br><audio controls>   <source src=”″ type=”audio/mpeg”> Your browser does not support the audio element. </audio>
    • The “<b>xxxx</b>” simply makes the track name bold
    • The multiple “<br>s” simply makes the audio controls drop below the track name
  5. I think this sort of list is best in a panel like in my site because it’s easy to get an overview of all the songs and it’s easier to make linkages.