Branded Microsite: We can make your Linkz experience totally yours with your own branded colors, typography, special graphics, etc. Please talk to us about this feature.

Linkz ID: the Linkz ID is the name of the embedded watermark we place inside your image. The Linkz ID is invisible to the human eye and can only be seen by your smartphone.

Microsite: the microsite is connected the Linkz ID. When the Linkz image is scanned or “viewed” with the smartphone – the Linkz app will load the associated microsite (or a URL of your choice) directly to the user’s smartphone. When you contract for the microsite, you have full access to create and modify whenever you wish using the included tools, links and buttons from microsite generator. Microsite access also includes Linkz analytics – which can of course be exported for further analysis.

Printed size: Linkz needs to know the final print size if an image is to be encoded. Cropping an encoded image is usually fine – we place our encoding all over the image – but reducing or enlarger more than 10% can slow the scanning.

Re-applying a Linkz ID: Sometime you may want different images contain the same Linkz ID. You could have multiple images (or different sizes of the same image) all point to a single microsite.

Try it yourself – from your phone, click here