Color spaces supported by Linkz

CMYK — The watermark is optimized for printing commercially in color images. Commercial color printing typically involves using Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black inks, often referred to as CMYK or 4C (color) process. CMYK images prepared for commercial printing, especially SWOP US Web standards, should watermark well if they meet the image selection guidelines.

RGB — Red, Green, and Blue light waves are used by displays to project images and by digital cameras to capture images. RGB has a much greater range of colors than CMYK, which may or may not be available when printed. The process of converting an RGB image into a printed image varies by each user’s set-up. Due to this variation we cannot calibrate the embedder to provide consistently optimal results with RGB images.

Grayscale — A single channel image has only black and white data available to be digitally watermarked. Often watermarks in grayscale images may be more noticeable. This is due to less available image data for the watermark to be embedded into.